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VAR Parts' SOIC-8 Socket to DIP-16 Adapter v1.1

VAR Parts' SOIC-8 Socket to DIP-16 Adapter v1.1

$ 49.00

Built using a high quality 3M Textool socket, our SOIC-8 (150mil body, 1.27mm pitch) to DIP-26 (630mil width [0.63in]) eeprom adapter was designed in-house to maximize reliability and ease of use for programming SOIC-8 eeprom chips. We chose to use a much longer and wider DIP pin footprint than normal DIP-8 adapters to increase the stability of the adapter while being used in a typical chip programmer ZIF socket. The adapter fits standard sized ZIF sockets measuring 725mil [18.41mm]. Assembled in-house in Massachusetts, USA!

The programmer can be purchased fully assembled or as a kit at a 30% discount from the assembled version!

Kit Includes:

  • Adapter PCB Board (Made in the US!)
  • 3M Textool 208-7391-55-1902 SOIC-8 Socket
  • 2x 13-Pin Headers

Please Note: Minor soldering skill is required to assemble the kit. Solder and tools are not included in the kit.

Free Shipping on both the assembled adapter or kit!

PCB Construction:

  • FR-4 substrate, purple mask over bare copper (SMOBC) and ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) finish. Lead Free.
  • 63mil (1.6mm) thickness
  • 1oz Copper Weight

PCB Assembly Standard:

  • IPC-610, Class III

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