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Product Development Progress! MK3 Flip Style Hybrid Key - 9/25/2016

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Since late 2015 we have been hard at work with the development and prototyping stage of our Volkswagen MK4 style flip key for the MK3. We have since gotten several prototypes made and are looking to finish prototyping within the next month and start producing these for sale.

This is an OEM style key using both an in-house redesigned version of the MK3 circuit and the board footprint of a MK4 circuit so that our hybrid key will be a direct fit with 100% OEM functionality.

We plan to offer these as a full key (MK4 key remote with a blank MK3 blade and the board) or as just the completed circuit board itself (if the buyer already has a MK4 remote shell to use).

We do not currently have an official price point in mind since component or other costs may increase or decrease as development continues but we will offer a pre-order period once they are 100% complete and tested.

Now here are some teaser shots! Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Early Development Circuit Layout v1.0:

Original Prototype v1.2:

Prototype Render v1.6:

MK3_4 Hybrid Key Prototype v1.6

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